Why make a mountain out of a mole
hill?  Is this not what is frustrating in
today's life?  Keeping up with the
pace that will rapidly bring us all to a
quicker end.
  Not on my life!  I have discovered
the simplicity of a beautiful living.....
      What a load off my shoulders. One of many
that have been removed by the simplicity of
thinking with a clear mind each day of living
  Many years people that knew me, witnessed
and questioned on why I wore rubber bands
around my right wrist.
  I had given many different responses in the
past.  You never know when someone needs a
band.  Or, I have always had trouble wearing
jewelery.  Or, as a reminder of something.  Or,
I don't really know.
  In 1998, I discovered at the age of 48, living in
the real world from my own.  I then started
wearing many different color rubber bands
around my wrist.  Red, white, blue, green,
yellow, orange, purple, black, brown;  and
many different color combinations at once.
  Since then, people will have asked me that
same question.  My reply has been that I finally
realized that I will now be here in this life a
short time, and have discovered that life is truly
beautiful just like a rainbow in the sky.
              Bingocliff  11/17/01