WELCOME to the 4th Edition
    A new freedom has come upon this soul.  As the
sun rises this morning, I can feel the cool breeze on
my face.  The birds are chirping to the song I listen
too on my walk-man with plugs in my ears.  It so
happens that the tune is
"Free Bird" by Lynryd
Skynryd.  The beat goes on as I stride on a walk through
another day of existence.  My life is great, now that I
have found the power greater than thyself.  All I
have to do is take the advice for the peace and
serenity I have found.  I'm at ease with each
moment.  Feeling no pain or depression, I act on
total patience I have developed.  My life today is
truly on borrowed time.  I'm alive to witness that
living is beautiful.
     Continuing to walk on this gorgeous day in
October, I witness the true color of the autumn
foliage.  Blessed to be able to comprehend the
surrounding as I now listen to
"Turn the Page" by
Bob Seger knowing that the winter season is in
reach, living here in God's country the UP of
     On reaching the outskirts of town I veer onto a
gravel road headed for a forest of pines and cedar.  
Witnessing on the face of a hill to my left the massive
colors of dying leaves.  Understanding that death
results in everlasting peace and serenity.
     At the foot of this hill, I come upon a path, start
climbing, twisting and turning around trees and
large boulders.  Listening to Neil Young sing
Hey, My, My,"
as I trudge upward observing the
cool breeze slapping the rainbow color leaves off
branches of oak, birch, and hemlock trees.  The
sound of the wild and all of nature can be heard
over the music from my plugs in my ears.
     Reaching the summit, the highest point of the
hill, I glare into the blue sky above in wonder of this
gracious feeling that rides down my spine.  Sitting
upon a fallen log to catch my breath, the sound of
U2 spills the words of this is a beautiful day,
enjoying the moment and don't let it get away.
     Turning to my right, I overlook the small town
down below and see flying above the tallest building
of five stories the colors red, white, and blue.  The
American flag waving in the air that stands for
freedom.  Then looking up to witness in the sky
above a bald eagle gliding with the wind.
     I know now that I have dearly found a new
freedom from depression, alcohol, and drugs.  The
hope, peace, and serenity of this day are with me.  
"I'm Your Captain" by Grand Funk now sounds into
my mind of contentment.
                      Bingocliff  11/30/01