On a gorgeous sunny Wednesday morning in June, as I sat in the Cliff
Chamber Reading Room
, I began to hear noises coming from inside the
southern wall below the outside eaves.  The racket involved much scratching
sounds as well as running back and forth.  I came to a quick conclusion that a
squirrel was in the process of making its home.
    Having no problem with this, each morning as I did my daily reading, I put
up with the noise in the wall as I did with all the birds chirping outside my open
window from on the telephone wires.
    Living alone in this two bedroom upstairs apartment, I figured that I could
use some added company as a companion to talk too when I felt lonely.  Now
you may think that this is dumb, that I should be talking to a blank wall.  But I
know for myself of what I would be doing and of whom I would be talking too.
    As the days passed, I felt real comfort with my new companion making all
that noise in the southern wall of my reading room.  Thank the good Lord,  that
this new partner of 'The Cliff Chamber" slept at night like I did.
    Each morning bright and early it was up and about like I, making sure that I
knew that it had not left me.  The days amounted to weeks.
    Then on a beautiful Wednesday morning in July, four weeks to the day, I
discovered to my amazement much chirping coming from inside the southern
wall of the reading room.  Not baby squirrels, but baby birds of a feather, as the
eggs had hatched and the darling critters were crying the blues for food.
    Upon investigating, which now became another project for this old lonely
man, I observed the many birds outside my window each morning singing up a
storm from upon the telephone wires.   With the help of the County Library
and books on birds, I came to a conclusion that a nest of English Sparrows had
decided to make the '
Cliff Chamber' their home for the summer.
    Each morning I came to enjoy much chirping with my daily reading.  I'm
blessed to be part of a new family and I know that when the little English
Sparrows grow up and move out on their own, that this will pass until next
Bingocliff          5/30/01