Welcome to Edition 20
  It's become imperative for me to grow with
the power on a daily basis.  In early recovery,
I had tapped into an inner resource as one
would tap for oil from down below the crust
of the earth.  That inner resource was a power
greater than myself that restored me my
sanity.  That inner power within me was a gift
that I did'nt recognize until I accepted that I
was an alcoholic.
  Since that day, I've been able to achieve a
daily sobriety.  That inner power strengthen
me for the sweet happiness of living.  That
inner power had given me confidence, trust,
and patience.  This belief that I'll admit is
based on truth and in principles that I was
able to obtained through open mindedness.  
This inner power will be an everlasting flow
for all eternity of peace and serenity.
Bingocliff  7-13-05