Welcome to Edition 14
Why would anyone want to say bye,
      when their time has yet to come?
              Is it not proper to await
                    the inevitable time,
                       when it will be right to say so long?
I, myself, don't believe that I am,
      that anxious to get to the end,
                  of this wonderful life,
                               now that I have found same.
I exited a life of misery,
  that I was so trapped in for so many years.
          Not realizing that there
                  was something more beautiful,
                        to heed too in this living,
                             on this planet we all call Earth.
Oh, such is a twenty-four hour period,
    that we all call a day.
            Where the planet Earth,
                         does a complete spin on its axis,
                                 showing all sides to the
                                      bright yellow monster,
                                                  that we all know
                                                            as the sun.
Blessed are we all now,
            to be here to witness,
                   the peace and serenity for all eternity,
                                even once we are laid to rest.

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