"Numerous Thoughts"
My Higher Power
I know today what I believe.
 I believe in a Higher Power, a power of the universe greater than thyself,
that talks to me through my thoughts.
 It took this power for I to see the light.
 My Higher Power relieved me of the malady of drinking.
 I am recovered today because I have & still do work the suggested steps of
Alcoholics Anonymous.
 I am recovering from the unforeseen tomorrow, when I may pick up my
next drink.
 Of course, as long as I work The Program, I'll be OK.
 And for this minute, I am just grateful to be alive, sober, and sane.
 Thanks to my Higher Power.
                                                          Bingocliff   12/20/03
   A whole new world opened up when
I found sobriety back in 1998.
    I had one year of sobriety when
one day I found myself walking up
this steep hill.  I was trying to think
up of an excuse to have a drink once I
reached the top.
    I could not come up with one.
    You see, I had used up all the
excuses for drinking covering 28
    I was amazed at this revelation.
   What I have discovered today, with
over five years of sobriety, is the fact
that there are many more excuses to
stay sober than there ever was to
have a drink.
 Bingocliff   1/6/04
   As I think back to my first drunk in Crailsheim,
Germany, I can only recall how great I felt at the
time.  It was the greatest feeling I have ever
witnessed in my life.  I was crazy, funny, and wild to
say the least.
    Had I not found that Power to relieve me of my
fear, loneliness, and despise had I grown up with?
    Within a month of drinking, I started to
experience blackouts.
    That there alone, should of told me that I was an
alcoholic.  However, for the next twenty-eight years, I
was to fight the obsession that I had claimed.
    This Power we call alcohol nearly put me in my
grave at age 48 years young.
    The battle I eventually pursued to stop this
obsession of drinking was acceptance.  It was not an
overnight miracle to grasp.  At last I discovered
acceptance as the key to my drinking.  I began to live
my life in the answer and not the problem.  I started
to see and feel all of my living in an optimistic
    Acceptance has become the answer to all my
problems of today.  I found my freedom of bondage to
alcohol, drugs, and depression.
    Today I will turn 54 years young.  I am grateful to
have found the acceptance in my life.
Bingocliff  1/15/04
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