So, how was my day?  I will say this much.  This day was unbelievable!  I mean
to say, that this day blew my mind!  I would not have never guessed how good this
day was to be.  It started out with a fantastic cup of coffee.  No cigarette, because
I had quit smoking 118 hours prior to awakening on this great day.  Even the
three days of withdrawals had disappeared from my nervous system.  I was elated
with drinking the cup of coffee without shaking.  The memories of past cigarette
smoking were of the furthest from this clear mind of nicotine. This day became
even greater as I pecked away at the keyboard to my computer with words of
inspiration.  It all came to me so clearly.  I was smoke free and that in itself
made this day perfect.  Well, maybe not perfect, but I will say that it was pretty
damn close to being perfect.  I ended the day with more money than what I
started with.  I am a winner!  Did not even have to spend a nickel on any
cigarettes.  How about those marbles?  Does not that give your spirit a lift up to
the clean and clear heavens above?  For the love of Mike, there go I.  It was
Sunday, and what a great start to this marvelous week ahead.  I hope all are
feeling as I do.  Riding the
PINK CLOUD of everlasting peace and serenity and a
clean body from  nicotine.
                         Bingocliff 12-11-05
Another Pink Cloud
Numerous Thoughts
   I must admit at first that the Big
Book of
Alcoholics Anonymous and
the fellowship at meetings were my
Higher Power.
    As I became stronger in recovery,
the conversion of a Higher Power
gradually turned to a God of my
understanding.  This conversion of a
party other than myself has been a
true gift in my recovery.
    I sleep well at night.
    I feel fresh each morning.
    All my old worries are in the
hands of my HP.  And, to say the
least, it has worked as a honest to
God miracle.
    I found in recovery that I needed
to apply conversion in my life, not
only to just quit drinking.  To accept
a power greater than myself, and
then, acquire trust in that Higher

Bingocliff  4/29/06
   Sadness is a part of life that we all live.
Losing a love one or even a close friend
may well be hard to bare.  However, we
all know the expression that one will feel
better if it cries her/his eyes out.  Don't
hide your sadness deep inside to tear your
inner self.  Let the emotion of sadness out
in the open and be humble to the case at
    In my recovery from the disease of
alcoholism and as I grow older I am
finding more sadness on the time level.  
The year 2006 was filled with more
sadness than any other year as many
people I love or care about passed on.  I
for one did much crying and because of it,
I was able to move on with my life.  I am
blessed to realize that I can/will live my life
one day at a time.  It is simple and the
sadness I experience along the way is
short lived.
    In my last eleven years of drinking now
feels like one day.  I am lost to remember
much, a waste of valuable time with no
feelings for the sadness I encountered.  It
is one huge blur, whereas in the nearly nine
years of recovery since, each day can be
accounted for with great memories.  Even
the short lived sadness has been cherished
inside and then let go and let God.

Bingocliff  1/16/07
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