One of the backbones of my sobriety has
been the reading of the
Promises.  Never
will I forget when entering this recovery the
reading of the
Promises at each meeting.  
The sound of all those words enlightened
me in a belief that life could be good.  I
wanted so badly  that the
Promises would
come true.  I looked forward to each
meeting (on a daily basis) to listen to the
reading of the
Promises.  I also at times did
the reading and listened to my own voice
announce each word in reading of the
A second backbone of my sobriety was
when a power greater than myself entered
my life in reality.  I can't tell you when
exactly this did happen, however, God as I
understand him did enter my living self and
this reality has taken over in driving my life
on a daily basis.
   The third backbone of my sobriety was
when I made a decision to give back all
what I've received in this new life of
sobriety.  Service work has lead me to
accomplish the primary purpose of my
recovery in helping those people who are
suffering today with the same misery I'd
lived with for nearly thirty years.
   I'm proud that this recovering alcoholic
has more than one backbone to stand tall
and salute to the program of recovery
that's suggested in the
Big Book of AA.

Bingocliff 11-27-09
   The best exercise is
walking on my two feet.  I love
walking and hopefully will to
the last days of my living.
   On this Sunday morning in
December, I left my chamber
to walk to a meeting.  The sky
was so blue, the air was crisp,
no wind as the sun shown
brightly as I proceeded on this
walk.  Letting my higher
power, God of my
understanding fill my mind
with the great things of life.
   I thought of my pessimistic
past and of all the pessimistic
people of this world today.  
Living in the now today, the
past was on the future.  On
this day, December 6, the
thought of January and
February with the
temperatures at 50 degrees
below zero would play heavy
on my mind with such regret.
   However, on this day,
December 6, as I walk to this
meeting, my mind is filled with
the thoughts that in two
weeks is our shortest day and
then we all will go the other
way toward the spring season.

Bingocliff  12-7-09

Some people never grow up,
some people eventually grow up.
I'm one that eventually grew up.

Bingocliff  12-30-10
   One must have an
understanding of what one prays
for when the power of oneself is
greater.  On thinking back in
recovery realizing that the mind
being in another dimension the
result of medication given to quell
the whole body of shakes and
sweats of alcohol withdrawal;
having no belief of faith or a
spiritual power of one's
understanding; and facing death of
misery on the edge of nothingness.
God, if there's such one, my life is
in your hands to do as please.  
has no idea of the power of prayer
as the transformation has been
placed and now the result are like
the writing on the wall.  Having
discovered the serenity of living
and living a life joyous and free as
this life winds down to the end.
  The suggested program of
recovery as outlined, did not one
accept the powerless of alcohol
and realize the unmanageable of
living?  Did not one come to
believe that there's a power
greater than oneself? And did not
one turn oneself over to that
power in prayer?

Bingocliff 6-4-14
   I can tell you that you are not no
different.  I came into recovery back
in 1983 thinking that I no way was
alcoholic.  I continued drinking on and
off for the next 15 years until I had hit
a rock bottom of the misery of hell;
that being death as my body organs
shut down the result of an alcoholic
   The experience was frightening
and happened at the hospital where I
was treated, revived and continued to
live my life realizing that I really didn't
want to die.
   Some of the things I learned was
that outside these windows was an
ocean of alcohol and that alcoholism
was a disease with my disease
performing push ups out in the
parking lot as I sat at a meeting
listening and sharing my
experiences, strength and hopes of a
better life to live.

Bingocliff 10-25-14.