January 15th, 2002
  Today I became fifty-two years old.  Not in my wildest dreams
would I have believed that I would witness this day feeling
great.  Especially not back on February 12th, 1998, while lying
in a hospital bed near death from alcohol poison.  Not that I had
given up on living my life in misery as an active alcoholic, but
rather, knowing today that my life was in the hands of a power
greater than thyself.
 As is written in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, the
promises do come true if you truly have the desire to not drink
and change your life.  This was one promise I made to myself.
 When I began to see light at the end of the tunnel of misery, I
began to vision the hope of a new beginning.  As I continued to
strive forward, the negativity of knowing that everything in black
and white started to sparkle with those colors of the rainbow.  
The beauty of a new life began warming up with in myself.

  You will start to grow stronger with each passing minute.  
The memories that we all have will be explored with a new
understanding.  Working the suggested steps will provide you
all the answers.  You will know easy does it and keep it
simple.  You can relax, take in a deep breath of air, and
exhale to a slow pace of living.
  Escaping from, as I did, being placed in the grave to toss
and turn for all eternity in misery?  Only now to find that you
are alive, to be able to share with no doubts with an uplifting
belief that you are a miracle; that there is a purpose
  Your new feelings will be mutual with that of all Americans,
who came together from the disaster back on September 11,
2001.  You will become pleased to what you have got, with no
second guessing; a Higher Power to guide you with each
passing day.  A new found strength to reach the end of that
tunnel of misery and open up to the blue sky above and the
sunshine on even a cloudy day.
  The gratitude to know that we all were not the God we
thought we were and that a power of the universe is actually
working in our lives and always had been.
  The promises are being
fulfilled among us, sometimes
quickly, sometimes slowly.  They will always materialize if you
work for them.
  Believe in it, and make a promise to yourself.
           Bingocliff 1/15/02