All of us Americans today, and around the globe, where
any Americans can be, know the significance of
nine-eleven.  It is hard to believe that over five thousands
lives were lost in a matter of hours from the devastated act
of terrorism ever conducted in the United States on
September 11th, 2001.  This is where the phase nine eleven

   What transpired in such a short time was a wake up call
of millions across this great land of democracy.  A stand
tall, the togetherness conducted for the support of all
victims of this onslaught of hatred.

    Is not the act of terrorism a disease of the mind?  This
psychological disease must be thwarted from the origins of
sick minds who demostrate this power to carry out such
savage acts, even sacrificing the lives of its own.

   Brainwash is a term that fits what constitutes the act of
unforgiving terrorism in life today around the globe.  In
the past thirty years (especially), this disease of terrorism
has been a threat in all cultures surrounding earth.

   There is another disease that strikes all mankinds of all
cultures.  It is a disease that has been around from the
beginning of time, and has a form of brainwash called
stinking thinking.  The disease is alcoholism.

   I can relate because I have this disease.  My mind was
brainwashed with stinking thinking for up to twenty-eight
years, as I stayed active in the consumption of alcoholic
beverages.  The direct result of this disease nearly cost my
life in sarifice at age 48.

   However, I was able to stand and join thousands of
recovering alcoholics in thwarting the stinking thinking of
this disease.  In keeping some sanity in perspective, I
became to understand and accept the concepts of

   This article written is not about the comparison of
terrorism and alcoholism, but rather, it is the significance
of a date that we all should never forget.

   So, what is the significance of three three?

   It is my sobriety date, March 3rd, 1998, the last day in
which I consumed in the act of drinking an alcoholic
                                                          Bingocliff    1/8/03
"The Significance of Three Three"
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