My life was filled with deceit.  It
included the negative character
defects we all can grow up with.  I
refused to let go for nearly thirty
years the misery that I placed on
my living soul.
  Not until I faced death, did I
make a decision to change;  to
discover if there really was a better
life to live.
 What I found was the simplicity
of living one day at a time.  The
new beginning was here for me to
find the peace and serenity for all
"Simple Living"
      In replacing old habits with the new, we must first replace negative thoughts with positive thinking.  We must learn to let go of all the misery that we have encountered
throughout our lives.  We must be able to open up new
avenues to fulfill with hope, peace, and everlasting serenity.
If our hearts are right, our world will be right.
      Do you want to be president of the United States?  How
about a multi-millionaire?  Or, a Bin Laden (running and
hiding for his life)?
     Why would you want to complicate your life anymore
than what it already been?
      I made a decision to myself in 1998, at the age 48, to take
stock in myself.  I then began to learn, not only of life, but
me in my past living.  What made me tick the way that I
did.  People claimed back then that I had gone cuckoo.  My
only reply was NO, that I had become a sane/sober person.
The new path that I chose was one of simplicity.  I had
become acceptable by life on life terms.  By simplifying my
living, I had been able to experience the hope, peace, and
serenity in all of my daily affairs.
      I currently, and have been for the past three plus years,
been working only a part-time job (24-30 hrs/wkly) for
under seven dollars an hour.  I have no regrets and wake
up each morning feeling like a million dollars without the
actual money.  I pay monthly rent on an apartment,
utilities, and have a telephone, computer, and cable
hook-up.  I further pay on a life insurance policy.  I cook
and eat three daily meals, and am in good health thanks
(being a veteran) to the VA Medical Center.
     What more could I ask for?
     Nothing!  I'm content each and every single day with my
life as I close nearer to the end of what has turned out to be
a beautiful living experience.
      I'm in true love with reading, writing, and sports.  I'm
an avid walking person, hiking to and from my job;  
shopping, laundry, library, bank, Post Office;  or, just out
taking a stroll on a gorgeous day.  I do not cater to outside
enterprises where the cost is overbearing.  I only
participate in activities that meet my weekly budget.
      I care less of gasoline prices.  I do not own a vehicle or
care too.  I do not think of car insurance, registration, or,
even a driver's license.  I have a social security number that
is fine with me.
      I've become a laid-back person.  Having discovered the
virtue of patience is one of the main reasons.  I have not
become lazy in this new life, but rather have not
over-indulged myself to an overload of activities.  Keeping
it simple and easy does it is what works for me today.
      This is simple living with all the rewards that I've
discovered to end this life in this world.
                                            Bingocliff    11/24/01