Welcome to Edition 17
   On Sunday March 7th, I awoke to the solitude
of '
The Cliff Chamber.' As I sat at the kitchen
table with cigarette and a cup of coffee, I drifted
off into deep thinking.  Trying to decipher to why
a friend failed in keeping sober, I realized the fate
of my own sobriety and life.
 I love to be alone.  I endure the solitude that for
this alkie is a peace at mind.  It is not an escape of
reality or society that surrounds me.  But the love
I have to do as please in my sobriety, that now is
being my reading and writing.  I read to learn to
live.  I write to express my inner feelings and
thoughts.  I want the knowledge from my Higher
Power for the understanding that when this short
life comes to an end, that there will be nothing
more than everlasting solitude.
    So let me enjoy being alone, to endure the
sounds and sights of nature as is given for all to
experience.  I am by no means a hermit.  I do
accept and understand all people as friends, no
matter what shape their life is in.  I'm always
willing to share my life experiences as time clicks
    I'd lived most of my life as in a culture
depicted as a complicated and confused alcoholic
waste of living.  I now only want the practical
simplicity of a life as I proceed on my journey for
continued sobriety.  Each new morning I awake
to the free conscious to be alive and alone till the
darkness of night when I again lay my head down
to the solitude of sleep.
    The simplicity of taking life one day at a time,
with no stress thoughts of yesterday's happenings
and tomorrow's predictions.
Bingocliff  3-17-04