My life today is still one of simplicity.  Not only have I
been able to stay sober, I have grown in my recovery with
each passing day.  I am so grateful to have found this new
life to treasure as I continue to draw a beat to the end.
  With the help of God, as I understand him, I have been
able to share my thoughts and emotions with many of the
articles and short stories I have written.  This has truly been
a gift, one of which I would not have had if not for sobriety.
  Alcoholics Anonymous has been the back bone of my sober
living.  It has done for this alcoholic what I could never have
done for myself.
  Periodically, I hope to continue to write an update for
"Alcoholic Reprieve," a recovering alcoholic's guide with
God bless...                                                         Bingocliff
  This has not to do with fame.  My life for fame had
passed me by in all the years I lived in misery as an
active alcoholic.  This has to do strictly with sharing
my experiences, strength, and hope to whoever reads
my inspirations.  I shall continue to make changes and
add as I grow in my recovery.   Whoever visits
'Alcoholic Reprieve,' will only know me as Bingocliff.
   On March 3, 2019 I received a 21-year medallion for sobriety. This is truly a miracle and even so I have done little writing for this website for the past several years does not mean that I am not doing any writing. I am always writing as I live my life one day at a time. Hoping to share my experience, strength and hope in the form of a novel.